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Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (RSHE)

The Government have updated their guidance on the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum. From the summer term 2021 (postponed due to Covid-19), PSHE (including Health Education) and Relationship Education should be taught within all Primary and Secondary schools.

Government Guidance

Update on the consultation phase for Redbridge from the Local Authority RSE Advisor - Danielle Vorley, danielle.vorley@redbridge.gov.uk  ‚Äč

We had been hoping to be able to proceed with face to face meetings however, as the current situation regarding the pandemic guidelines are not enabling this, we are proceeding with plan B. In the Spring Term 2021 the Local Authority will be hosting virtual public meetings. The draft syllabus will have been shared prior to the session and a platform to ask questions or share feedback will be enabled.

These sessions will take place in cluster groups of schools. Following this, in Spring 2 we will be planning a second wave of meetings, currently proposed to be face to face, led by individual schools where families will have an opportunity to view some resources. By this time, you will have heard the rationale for teaching, and will have seen the proposed outcomes for each year group.  This will have been fed back on by multiple working party groups by this stage and your feedback will also be welcomed.

We know that most of our families in Redbridge are supportive of the new curriculum and we really hope this positive response is shared by all following the initial meeting. Living in a diverse London Borough we thank you for your support to teach age appropriate, pupil sensitive, evidence based RSHE, that respects the law and all communities that call Redbridge home.  We also acknowledge that some families have questions and that some information is circulating via social media platforms which might cause concern, therefore we have developed the attached myth buster to ensure that you are correctly informed.

Dates for each public meeting will be confirmed as soon as possible. If you have any questions, or wish to share any information that you have come across that you are not sure to be true or false please contact me.


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