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Video conferencing

At Fairlop Primary School, we use video conferencing as an integral part of our teaching and learning across a range of subjects., Video conferencing helps us to share learning practices, collaborate with schools locally and from around the world, and involve global experts in our learning process to aid and challenge pupils’ learning and our teaching practices. We have been part of the Redbridge VC network since 2013, and host our termly meetings.

Video conferencing is very beneficial to our school - pupils’ questions are answered immediately without them having to research answers, class teachers can listen and learn from an expert, and there are massive cost savings from not having to travel to a venue.

As well as hosting author days with Michael Rosen and Dan Freedman, here is a flavour of our video conference participation:

Chris Lubbewho once was a former bodyguard of Nelson Mandela - children have been inspired by him and his story about the apartheid struggles in South Africa.

School Council – Roger Evans, London Assembly - our school councillors met Roger Evans. A great opportunity for the school councillors to present their ideas and we followed up this visit by a trip to City Hall.

Manhattan School of Music - the choir thoroughly enjoyed their opportunity to sing Christmas carols with the Manhattan School of Music.

The Orang Utan Protection Foundation - we joined the staff at the Orang Utan Protection Foundation in the jungle in Borneo, to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Mammal of the skies – the grey headed flying fox - James MacDiarmid linked up from Australia to give Year 5 an insight into this interesting mammal, as part of their science topic.

Vodaphone – experts from Vodaphone talked to Year 5 children about coding and how it is used in the commercial world.  They also highlighted career opportunities for ‘Women in Coding’

International Dot Day – to celebrate International Dot Day, our Year 1 pupils were treated to a storytelling session from New York.  The children were able to interact by using whiteboards to draw their ‘Dot’ pictures.

Football Rap – Year 5 children are currently practising their ‘Football Rap’ in preparation for a ‘Rap sing off’ competition!  Author Dan Freedman will judge and choose the winning school.

Pete Johnson – we are collaborating with a partner school in New York.  Author Pete Johnson will be visiting Fairlop to help promote reading during Book Week 2019, when we will host the video conference and share our session with other schools in Redbridge.

Santa – our Reception classes are learning Jingle Bells, to sing and chat with Santa whilst he is in New York.