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Our School Uniform

Staff and parents should encourage the children to wear school uniform. Nursery children do not have to wear uniform but may do so if parents wish. Our colour scheme is red with grey and white.

Children must change into clothing and footwear for PE.


All Year Groups

Additional items for Summer

White shirt (with school tie), blouse or polo shirt

Red polo shirt

Red V-necked sweater, sweatshirt or cardigan

Red and white school dress

Grey trousers, pinafore dress or skirt

Grey shorts

Sensible, flat, dark-coloured footwear

(trainers should not be worn)

Hat - to be worn at break times in hot weather.

Book bag

Parents are advised to send in an old shirt/apron for Art

PE Clothing

Additional items for Winter

Plain white or ‘Fairlop’ (white or ‘house’ coloured) T-shirt

Dark-coloured tracksuit to be worn over PE clothing

Black Shorts

Black plimsolls (trainers may be worn for outdoor games)

Plimsolls with elasticated fronts are preferable for infants

Shoe/PE bag (clearly named for child’s

Ordering: Purchases may be made on online from:

Tesco: www.tesco.com/direct/fairlop-primary-school/5295.school

Carolina’s Woodford Bridge: www.shopwithcarolina.co.uk/020 8504 6420

Unistat –153 High Rd Barkingside: www.uni-stat.com/020 8550 2119 - weblink unavailable at present

Other items are available direct from the School office – ties, hats, bookbags, PE team coloured T-shirts, bags, and water bottles.

Please label all children’s clothing. Children in Foundation Stage particularly, spend a considerable amount of time learning in the outside area. Please ensure that they have suitable clothing and footwear all year (including a hat in the Summer)

Valuables: We cannot accept responsibility for valuables brought to school. Children should not wear jewel-lery of any kind. If your child has pierced ears and earrings have to be worn in school, they must be studs fitted flush to the ear. Other fancy earrings, particularly hooped ones, are very dangerous in school and can result in ripped ears during playtimes or P.E. lessons.

Mobile phones are not permitted. If there is a specific reason why a child should need a phone for after school,

parents must request this in writing, and the phone must be handed into the school office. Whilst we will en-deavour to keep these valuable items safe, the School cannot take responsibility for phones on site.

Bags: School book bags (£5.00) and P.E. bags (£3.00) may be bought from the school office. As there is limited space for storage, bigger bags are NOT ALLOWED in school except when children are carrying specific ‘kit’ e.g. for swimming, football matches etc.